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Rishikesh Yoga Ashram

About - Om Yoga Ashram

Our Ashram ‘Om Yoga Ashram’ is situated in a peaceful place with a peaceful environment 💖, we teach Yoga courses of 200 hours and 300 hours, and we also teach sound healing, reiki, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, etc:-. We aim to teach more and more people the benefits of Yoga and Meditation so they can go to other countries and become professional Yoga teachers. We provide a Yoga Alliance certificate which works in every country.


Organic food by Om Yoga Ashram

We provide veg and satvik food without onion, garlic, egg, meat etc:-. No alcohol, smoking, or drugs are allowed. As according to Ayurveda, the Sattvic diet is the best choice for promoting longevity, physical strength, and mental health.

We have a cow shelter 50 km away from our Om Yoga Ashram, there's our farm from where we bring milk, paneer, ghee, etc:- we even bring some of our vegetables from there as we don't use any kind of chemicals, all the vegetables are naturally grown. that place is also surrounded by nature, by beautiful scenery of mountains and river, that place is also very quiet and alone without any neighboring house.

Here (Om Yoga Ashram) no one is allowed to wear short dresses or clothes like shorts and skirts. The weather in our place is quite good 😊 but the winters are cold, our Om Yoga Ashram is in the Himalayas and therefore cold is common, the hills are not dangerous and therefore you can enjoy your trek and sightsee safely.





In winter we have bonfires, dance, and music, we play games and make you feel like you are in your family, but after 10:00 Pm entry is not allowed, smoking is not allowed in an Om Yoga Ashram or near Ashram, and you can't enter Om Yoga Ashram if you are drunk, kindly take care of cleanliness of your room as that's your room, kindly behave peacefully in Om Yoga Ashram and join the prayer regularly as it is the part of Bhakti Yoga.

You can easily practice Meditation on your own as the place is quite peaceful and will help you to attain mental peace and satisfaction but if you are not able to do so then you can ask for help as we will help you to focus so you can connect to the positive energy of the universe, 🤗you can visit sunset point as to see the view of the very amazing sunset, it will provide you mental satisfaction. Monkeys are common here so please before going somewhere close your windows and doors properly. You can go for a walk in nearby places as the local places are very peaceful and surrounded by nature.


Your Stay at Om Yoga Ashram Rishikesh Includes ---

Wi-Fi internet access in Om Yoga Ashram.

Access Om Yoga Ashram Library.

Daily evening Programs - Music/Kirtan/ Prayer.

Use Off Om Yoga Ashram Yoga Hall.

Daily Participation Om Yoga Ashram Classes and Fire Pooja.

Unlimited Purified Hot and Cold Water in Om Yoga Ashram.

3 Organic, Healthy, and delicious vegetarian Meals per Day in Om Yoga Ashram.

Beautiful, Clean, and comfortable Room, Hot and Cold Water, Western Toilet Sheets, Pillow, and Blankets.

If you have any questions or doubts then please ask us Om Yoga Ashram family is here to clear your doubts. Contact - 9816494732 9805693514

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Yogini Om Yoga Ashram Rishikesh
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