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Om Yoga Ashram is near Dal Lake 2 km from the quaint international epicenter of McLeod Ganj Dharamshala, where the main Temple of H.H. the Dalai Lama attracts peoples from all over the world. The Yoga School is surrounded by the magnificent natural beauty with green rolling hills, majestic trees and an adjacent stream. Magnificent views over Dal Lake and the Kangra Valley Dharamshala complete the experience. This setting offers a peaceful and inspiring place to learn and practice yoga. The sound of the river and birds singing, with the sun shining through green leaves allows one to retreat from worldly cares and go deeper into the Yoga study and practice of yoga and meditation. Although the Yoga school Dharamshala offers an opportunity for Yoga Meditation retreat, it also provides all modern amenities including wi-fi. After productive, full days immersed in all aspects of comprehensive, spiritual yoga, evenings will be relaxing, fun and enriching. Together, everyone will enjoy kirtan, singing Bhajans around the natural tree and sipping hot masala chai. Stories of the Hindu deities will be shared for a deeper understanding of Yoga Meditation. There will be a chance for open discussion. Om Yoga Ashram Mcleodganj Dharamshala has been involved in spreading the awareness of holistic living with the help of Vedic wisdom in the form of Yoga and Meditation. These two eternal streams of ancient knowledge form a comprehensive healing combination to overcome stress and its related problems and further help in evolution of mankind. Om Yoga Ashram Dharamshala not only makes good yoga teachers but the Yoga school Dharamshala promises to make you into a better Yoga person. The Yoga Ashram Dharamshala promotes and provides opportunities for their Yoga students to indulge and participate in social, cultural and adventure activities, which is a part of the yoga teacher training course with us in India. according to yoga and Meditation stress is the beginning of disease and relaxation is health. Certified Yoga Ashram - Om Yoga Ashram offers 200, 300, 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Fundamentally, these Yoga Teacher Training courses are compiled by our Yoga Masters as a combination of traditional concepts with modern perspectives and understanding, which include practical and theoretical aspects of Yoga. Most of the Yoga teaching comes from the roots, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga but explained is an easily accessible way from beginners to advanced Yoga students. The aim and objective of these yoga teacher training courses is primarily to provide a strong foundational understanding of Yoga along with the ethics of living a yoga life which consist of meditation and clarity.

As a Yoga student of the Yoga Teacher Training Dharamshala program offered by Om Yoga Ashram, Dharamsala you will:

  • Increase your physical fitness and general health with Yoga in Dharamshala.

  • Nourish the body with a traditional yogic diet prepared with nutritional vegetarian foods During Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala.

  • Gain clarity for better mental health and thereby, increase overall growth of the mind, body, and soul with Yoga in Dharamshala.

  • Experience spiritual growth and development with Yoga in Dharamshala.

  • Strengthen your Yoga meditation practice in Dharamshala.

  • Increase in flexibility with Yoga in Dharamshala.

  • Aquire discipline .

  • Be given opportunities to discover the true self and synchronicity with universal truths.

  • Spread happiness and pleasure in your life and in the lives of others.

  • Increase energy and enthusiasm in your daily Yoga life .

  • Develop confidence and will power with Yoga.

  • By the end of the Yoga Teacher Training course Dharamsala , you will be a Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance and be able to extend the gift of yoga to others through your new found Yoga knowledge and Yoga practice.

Om Yoga Ashram Mcleodganj Dharamshala India - Vision To share the eternal wisdom & holistic living principles of yoga in a contemporary and accessible form.To be an Yoga Ashram of excellence for modern scientific research in the field of yoga and healing.To promote sustainable lifestyles and community development based on the holistic principles of yoga.

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Yoga vs/ Disease

Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

Yoga - is one of the six major orthodox schools of Hinduism.Ancient, medieval and most modern literature often refers to the Yoga school of Hinduism simply as Yoga. It is closely related to the Samkhya school of Hinduism. The Yoga school's systematic studies to better oneself physically, mentally and spiritually has influenced all other schools of Indian philosophy. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a key of the Yoga school of Hinduism.

The epistemology of the Yoga school of Hinduism, like the Sāmkhya school, relies on three of six Pramanas as the means of gaining reliable knowledge. These include Pratyakṣa (perception), Anumāṇa (inference) and Sabda (Āptavacana, word/testimony of reliable sources). The metaphysics of Yoga is built on the same dualist foundation as the Samkhya school. The universe is conceptualized as composed of two realities in the Samhkya-Yoga schools: Puruṣa (consciousness) and prakriti (matter). Jiva (a living being) is considered as a state in which puruṣa is bonded to prakriti in some form, in various permutations and combinations of various elements, senses, feelings, activity and mind.During the state of imbalance or ignorance, one of more constituents overwhelm the others, creating a form of bondage. The end of this bondage is called liberation, or moksha, by both the Yoga and Samkhya schools of Hinduism.The ethical theory of the Yoga school is based on Yamas and Niyama, as well as elements of the Guṇa theory of Samkhya.

The Yoga school of Hinduism differs from the closely related non-theistic/atheistic Samkhya school by incorporating the concept of a "personal, yet essentially inactive, deity" or "personal god" (Ishvara).While the Samkhya school suggests that jnana (knowledge) is a sufficient means to moksha, the Yoga school suggests that systematic techniques and practice, or personal experimentation, combined with Samkhya's approach to knowledge, is the path to moksha. Yoga shares several central ideas with the Advaita Vedanta school of Hinduism, with the difference that Yoga philosophy is a form of experimental mysticism, while Advaita Vedanta is a form of monistic personalism. Advaita Vedanta, and other schools of Hinduism, accept, adopt and build upon many of the teachings and techniques of Yoga.


Arthritis refers to a condition of pain and inflammation in a joint which leads to restricted joint movements. It is perceived to be disease of the old, but can affect people of all ages. There are two types of arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness and tenderness. Among other arthritis symptoms are weakness, muscle wasting and red skin over the affected joint. As of now, there is no arthritis cure. So, the treatment of arthritis focuses on slowing down the condition. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are advised for easing the complication of arthritis. Arthroplasty (joint replacement), arthodesis and osteotomy are among other treatment options for arthritis. 

Natural treatment for arthritis pain

  • It is advisable to wrap a red flannel around the affected area overnight.
  • An oft-used remedy is an oil massage consisting of garlic, rosemary, juniper, lavender, sage, thyme and other essential oils. Olive oil is also considered effective in this case.
  • Sea bath is also recommended since sea minerals such as iodine keep the body’s acid-alkaline balance under check, repair the worn out tissues, as also cleanse the body’s internal toxins.
  • A diet with a low protein component and a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids and products like walnut is advisable.
  • Yoga and exercise help to relax the body, especially, the joints.
  • A mixture of potato juice and water in the morning has proven useful.
  • Also, various juices such as the ones made out of beetroot, green leafy vegetables, and carrot are good for arthritis treatment.
  • Pineapple, kiwi, figs and paw are great sources to treat inflammation.
  • Calcium containing products, for example, alfalfa, chamomile, cabbage, thyme, basil, etc. are also useful.
  • A mix of camphor and mustard oil, exposed to the sun, when rubber over the affected area daily, acts as a good home remedy for arthritis.
  • Wrap a red flannel around the affected area overnight.
  • Yoga and exercise help to relax the body, especially, the joints.
  • A mixture of potato juice and water in the morning has proven useful.
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