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Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayan Yoga Ashram

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Some Of The Yoga Tips For Beginners By Himalayan Yoga Ashram

If you're new to yoga I'd advise you to start with one of my beginner's sessions. There I'll teach you a full range of postures stressing safety and proper alignment. You'll learn several breathing techniques that will not only help you during class but will also be useful for revitalizing, relaxing, and centering yourself throughout your life. These techniques and subtle movements will re-educate your body and reacquaint you with its unique language. We'll focus on a few new poses each class, integrating them into our routines as we build up to a full-fledged sadhana (a complete series of postures). By the end of the beginner's session you should be familiar enough with the postures and with listening to your body's signals that you will be ready to move on to an intermediate session.

In my intermediate sessions, we'll begin to explore the greater progress and awakening brought about by longer holding times, and a deepening sense of awareness. This is where you'll begin to gain insight into the habitual workings of your mind and emotions - especially if you're uncomfortable with sitting still for extended periods. You'll develop a greater level of control focusing your attention, enabling you to better direct your energies. Himalayan Yoga Teacher will continue to show you new postures and new modifications for old ones. My hands-on assistance will ensure proper alignment and extension deepening the effectiveness for even well-seasoned practitioners. As your awareness of the energy currents within deepens and your attunement to your bodily needs is honed, you'll be encouraged to allow your body to guide you through its sadhana.


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