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Yoga everyday - Increase your physical fitness and general health through Yoga Meditation.

Yoga Everyday was originated in Bharat (India) over 5,000 years ago by great sage maharishi Patanjali also known as the founder of modern yoga, yoga is very helpful for our body structure and fits, 30 minutes per day for yoga can change your life bye making it a healthy and happy life, there are various kinds of yoga like:-

Acro yoga, ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga etc. and you can learn them in Om Yoga Ashram.

We provide courses of 300 hour  & 200 hours teacher training, if you want you can also do the retreat course of 7 days (1weak) you can also learn meditation, sound healing course, kundalini, reiki and many more.

Yoga Everyday- Om Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Here you can get a certificate of certified yoga teacher this certificate is valid in all countries you can teach yoga in any country you want you can open your own yoga school and can provide your students the certificate. But for that you have to do course.

Yoga everyday is very useful in case if your not well, have problem in your body alignment, old or have any problem, not even external but also internal problems such as pain in stomach, kidney muscles etc. can be healed by yoga, not only body but it also provides a positive thinking to the brain because when your body is healthy your brain automatically becomes a positive thinker. It makes your body healthy, flexible, fit and fine , and makes the alignment good it provides you the stamina to fight with any disease and makes you stronger ,not only your external body but as well as your internal organs get stronger.

Yoga Everyday - with Organic ans Satvik Food

Satvik food we provide here satvik food which does not contain onion and garlic which is very good for your mental peace, we provide here pure veg food not alcohol, smoking or drugs are allowed here, this Yoga Ashram is surrounded with nature, the sounds of birds and water will provide you mental peace the view of mountain as well as the greenery.

Yoga is very useful for our body it provides you a long and healthy life.


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